Belgorod is the leading agricultural region of Russia that is developing by the cluster type. Among the priority investment sectors is the dairy stock farming developing.

In year 2012, 558 thousand tons of milk was produced. That is 8.000 tons milk more than in 2011 — 1.7% of milk production in the Russian Federation and 9.6% of areas of the Central federal District production.  

According to this index Belgorod takes the third place in the Central federal District following Moscow and Voronezh regions.

During recent years there is a tendency of milking herd productivity increasing. In 2012 in agricultural enterprise forage-fed cow was milked in average more than 5000 kg of milk (in 2011 – 4991 kg).

Year after year the milk quality is improving by means of new technologies implementation.  

During first months of 2013 all manufactures produced 177.1 thousand tons of milk. Average milk yield per head in agricultural organizations was 1 862 kg.

According to the mentioned plan indicators which the local A.I.C. should reach in 2013, Belgorod should produce 570.000 tons of milk. Regional authorities are dealing with dairy sector stabilization from 2010.

It was accepted a long – term target program titled “Developing of modern technological base for milk production and milk processing at the territory of Belgorod region for 2013 -2015”.

The main issue of a program is a creation of favorable economic conditions for the sustainable milk production and processing growth in Belgorod region. Primarily this is the new production capacity creation, reconstruction and modernization of existing units.

The program is provided milk and meat of cattle production, competitive food supply creation independent from the international market. Program developers suppose that after the program realization the import milk production by domestic goods substitution will increase. Until the year 2020 is planned to create about 1.500 thousand workplaces in rural districts.

Total sum of financing of Program is more than 14 billion Rubles; 3 billion of this amount will be taken from regional budget by form of subsidies for this project realization.

Each year the realization of program will allow increasing income not less than 5.5% to the previous year. Annual milk production volume growth according to the previous year will be not less than 4%.

One of the promising and meaningful directions for Belgorod region is the milk processing with cheese production and dairy products production by providing the own basis of raw milk.

General growth of Russian economics, town dwellers number increase, and also the west customs by Russian citizens borrowing provides strong growth of cheese consumption. Potentially the market is not saturated yet that connects with increase of cheese per capita consumption. In 2012 the consumption of cheese in Russia was equal to 6.62 kg per capita that is significantly less than the level of cheese consumption in European countries and the USA where the meaning of that indicator is equal to 20 kg.

Main cheese manufactures of Russia are concentrated in the Central federal District, Povolzhsk and Ural Districts. Production of soft-ripened cheese, semi-hard cheese and pickled cheese is situated in Bryansk district, melted cheese production is situated in Moscow District, and hard cheese production is situated in Voronezh District. As a whole the Central Federal District takes the first place among melted and soft cheese production, takes the second place among pickled and semi – hard cheese production and takes the third place among hard cheese production. By means of that way of hard cheese production the growth was not observed during last 3 years that allows increasing its capacity in Central Federal District.

The process of making milk into cheese provides logical access of outlet markets with populations over 60 million people. The most capacious is the capital market because of the number of cheese products consumers. Cheese is an optimal milk product for export outside of Belgorod region. Milk processed into cheese in the region of Belgorod will allow provide an increase in the Central Federal District of Russia.



Agro-idustrial development programs.
Belgorod region - 2012 

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