Annual Russian sells are equal to more than one million of import greenhouse vegetables. Russian consumers are already got used to include vegetables to their ration even in winter time but the taste and value of imported vegetables cannot be appreciated positively. Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance sometimes surprises public opinion by facts of significant pesticides and nitrates excess of imported vegetables. According to that fact arising a question: “What is an obstacle of domestic manufactures to produce the necessary quantity of import-substituting products of vegetables? At least in the favorable climate conditions of Central Russia? “

According to the expert data, a share of vegetables grown in Russian greenhouses is equal just to 600 thousand tones. In such a manner for 143 million Russian citizens is about 4.2 kilos of domestic glass –grown vegetables. At the same time the recommend medicine standard   of vegetable consuming is not less than 15 kilos per capita a year. Covering of that kind of  «malnutrition» by more than 10 kilos of imported vegetables with  doubtful utility  and that  come through  not one  hundreds of kilometers cannot be titled as successful. The only one optimal decision of that situation is the new import-substituting cost efficient greenhouses creation.

 Belgorod solves this question fundamentally. Fundamental decision of import - substituting vegetable production in region was accepted in 2010 in “Social and economy region development Strategy until the year 2025 “, and in 2013 was adopted the State program of Belgorod region

“Agriculture and Aquaculture of Belgorod region development for   2014 - 2020 years “.

Stable legal base, project support according to “one contact” method, established system of privileges and preferences, high readiness of investment platforms to be launched – all these factors create favorable investment climate and guarantee the safety of their invested capital.


Stanislav Aleynik, Head of Department of Agriculture of Belgorod region – Deputy Chairman of the Belgorod region: Nutritionists of World Health Organization and the Institute of Nutrition say that a person needs at least 139 kg of various vegetables a year. Taking into consideration Russian climate characteristics - at least 15 kg of this amount must be grown in the greenhouse. Nowadays Belgorod region produces approximately 4.5 kg of greenhouse vegetables per person a year. This is higher than an average of Russian regions consumption but is still very far from the norm.  A long-term regional target program "Development of greenhouse vegetables in Belgorod region production for 2013-2015 years" is to change the situation fundamentally. The document provides the reconstruction, construction and put into operation of 94.6 ha of greenhouses in different areas of the region, 82.6 hectares of which are for the new construction.  It allows producing more than 44 tons of greenhouse vegetables till year 2016; this is 6.4 times more than in year 2011 - and it will provide   the 1.200 of new jobs creation.

Specialists of “Razvitie” Corporation” JSC formed a proposal to create the Belgorod region Greenhouse cluster by means of comprising 500 hectares of modern greenhouses with a production volume of 420 thousand tons of cucumbers and tomatoes at a cost of 24 billion rubles per year. According to the calculation of „Razvitie“Corporation” JSC specialists the construction costs of the modern greenhouse complex are about 150-180 mln. Rub. /ha; return of investments is about 17-23%.


This Cluster is to be operating in year 2020. In its structure along with the greenhouse complex will be created an agricultural school, engineering and service companies, equipment and components suppliers, fertilizer and other supplies, logistics and marketing structures. The number of consumers of greenhouse cluster of Belgorod region was identified. Delivery within a radius of 300 km is planned to be made directly to the retail market and to the large retail chains. Quality of fresh fruits and period of its implementation in retail directly depend on the quality and speed of delivery. Production in the Belgorod region will ensure the supply to retail outlets within the period of 2 3 days from the moment of harvest. Today vegetables grown on the territory of Belgorod will guarantee the health of consumers. This is a distinctive feature of domestic vegetables from imported ones. In such way region will execute one of the Doctrine provisions of food supply security According to this Doctrine the own-made greenhouse vegetable sufficiency must be at least 80%.

In 2013   „Razvitie“ Corporation”JSC has implemented a project of  “Greenhouse complex Belgorod

Agro” on the territory of 37.2 ha in Stary Oskol District; in 2014 is planning to prepare more new projects in area of greenhouses of 50 hectares.


"Белгородская область - тепличная столица России, территория новых возможностей для вашего бизнеса"
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"Программа содействия развитию тепличных комплексов на территории Белгородской области в рамках концепции "Тепличный кластер 500 Га"
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"Развитие агропромышленного комплекса. Белгородская область итоги 2012 года»
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