At the end of December 2013 in terms of the V Gaidar Forum the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov announced the results of analysis, conducted by the experts of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, who gave the assessment of the industrial parks development in the country.

Today in Russia operates 36 industrial parks and 80 industrial parks are planned for establishment, Manturov says. Just for 7 years 36 operating industrial parks have created 56.000 jobs, this is in relation to average occupancy rate for one industrial park at 60% in one industry. With the state support there would be more than 300 industrial parks in Russia in 5 years – D. Manturov says (interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”).


D. Manturov also said that industrial parks can be created both on the basis of free areas and new ones.

It is expected that the sub-program of industrial parks development would be adopted in the first quarter of 2014. The program will reflect all business initiatives, as well as, the measures of state support.

Without the state support the potential of this industry will not be fulfilled because of high costs for establishment of industrial parks, which in the end passes on to final consumers, manufacturing companies, the Minister says.

D. Manturov added that it has been worked out three options of stimulus measures, which differ in volumes.

- interest rates subsidies on loans for the establishment of industrial parks;

- support measures and compensation up to 10% of the costs for creating industrial park;

- compensation up to 75% of all costs in grid connection;

- tax incentives, tax holidays for new businesses.

According to the developed standard, made by Industrial Parks Association of Russian Federation, - industrial park – is a controlled by a single operator (professional managing company) complex of real estate, consisting of land plot (s) with premises for production, administration, warehousing and other purposes, provided with energy, engineer and transport infrastructure and administrative-legal conditions for the production placement.

The concept of industrial park is a single document, approved by the project initiator, possibly agreed by authorized bodies of local state power and ensuring the residents of the industrial park immutability of its basic characteristics.

There is a successfully operating Industrial Park “Severniy” in the Belgorod region, focused on small and medium-sized enterprises.

In 2013 December “Razvitie” Corporation” JSC started to develop the concept “Industrial Parks establishment in the Belgorod region”.

And to achieve this goal, we collaborate both with foreign companies and domestic ones, which have good practical experience in industrial parks establishment. The consideration of the concept “Industrial Parks establishment in the Belgorod region” by the expert committee is planned for mid-May 2014.

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