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Belgorod Region was founded in 1954. The region is located in the South-West of the country and it is part of the Central Federal District of Russia. The total area - 27.1 sq. m. km (0.2% of the territory of Russia). The population is over 1.5 million people.Belgorod region is a highly developed industrial and agricultural region, whose economy is based on the enormous mineral wealth and unique black soil. Belgorod region is a highly developed industrial and agricultural region, whose economy is based on the enormous mineral wealth and unique black soil. There are more than 80% of iron ore reserves of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (KMA) and more than 40% of proven iron ore reserves of Russia. Belgorod region produces one-third of all Russian ore. It produces steel and best brands of rolled steel

Due to the climatic conditions agricultural sector has historically been the most important economic activity in the region. Lands area make 2713.4 thousand hectares. More than 70% of them - black earth.

 The administrative center - the city of Belgorod, which bears the name "City of the First salute" and honorary title of "City of Military Glory." The population of the regional center is more than 379.5 thousand people.


Through the Belgorod region lays the most important railways and highways of interstate connecting Moscow with the southern regions of Russia, Ukraine and the Caucasus. Length of railways in general use is 700 km, the length of public roads with hard surface - 17.3 thousand. km, or 91.7% of the total length. 

There is an International airport "Belgorod" in the region. 

Airport "Belgorod" was put into operation after reconstruction in 2012. On the results of 2013 it was named the best regional airport in Russia in compliance with international standards of service aircraft and passengers and contribute to the development of the region (Adam Smith Institute). In 2014, passenger traffic is planned to reach at least 500 thousand people, and in the next three years to go on a million passengers


Belgorod region is one of the successful and leading industrial and agricultural regions of Russia.

With 1.1% of the population, Belgorod region produces 1.1 % of the gross regional product in the Russian Federation.

The region accounts for:

  • 1.0% of mining operations,
  • 1.4% of industrial products,
  • 4.2% of agricultural production,
  • 0.9% of retail trade turnover,
  • 1.0% of fixed capital investment,
  • 1.2% of the work performed by the activity "Construction"
  • 0.6% and 1.3% of total exports and imports.

  The share of the Belgorod region in the Russian production:

  • 36% of the production of iron ore concentrate;
  • 32% of iron ore pellets (oxidized);
  • 34% of pork fresh, cooled, chilled;
  • 28% of meat and byproducts of slaughter animals ;
  • 21% of semi-finished meat (meat-containing) cooled;
  • 18% of poultry byproducts;
  • 20% of condensed milk product;
  • 19% of feed;
  • 15% of high-calorie mayonnaise;
  • 13% solid margarine;
  • 8% white sugar solid from sugarbeet;
  • 11% of unrefined sunflower oil and its fractions;
  • 5% of chocolate and sugar confectionery products.

«Belgorod region – the territory of success», eng.

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