• Region continues to be among the top three on the socio-political development level

    "St. Petersburg policy" fund analysts prepared regular monthly Russian Federation constituent entities rating in terms of socio-political stability. Showing a positive trend in July Belgorod region is among three leaders of the study. 
    Traditionally the region is among Russian Federation constituent entities with a maximum resistance (more than 8 points out of a possible 10). With the figure of 8.2 points and the positive dynamics in the 0.1 point in July Belgorod region was on the third ranking place behind the Republic of Sakha and Kamchatka region only.

  • The Governors effectiveness Rating. Fourth issue.

    This rating is an integral product prepared on the basis of the following studies: "Georating" by Fund "Public opinion", the regional economic situation based on the Federal State Statistics Service of Russia, the index of media effectiveness, calculated by "National monitoring service", reports and results of previously published FoRGO "Rating social well-being of regions of Russia"

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