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  • Belgorod agricultural enterprises profitability in 2014 amounted to 26.6%

Belgorod agricultural enterprises profitability in 2014 amounted to 26.6%

During the last Belgorod region Government offsite meeting in Valuiky district issues of Belgorod region agriculture further development were discussed. Belgorod region which has already achieved a leading position in the production of meat is ready to win top positions in the dairy and greenhouse clusters as well as in aquaculture and horticulture.

Deputy Governor Stanislaw Aleinik supervising agribusiness block in the region told about volumes of regional production and solving the strategic for Russia issues of import substitution. Regional agricultural producers and processors are increasing production volumes annually. In 2014 Belgorod agrarians provided 15 million Russians with sugar, more than 28 million - vegetable oil, more than 45 million with pork, 16 million with poultry. Moreover, these figures do not include the provision of food to more than one million population of the region, i.e. this is net exports to other regions of Russia.

In general the volume of gross output of Belgorod agriculture in 2014 exceeded 187 billion rubles. This is 4.4% of Russia's total. The average monthly wage in the industry in the last year amounted to 24.5 thousand rubles. The profitability index on the agricultural sector amounted to 26.6% at the annual profitability of the industry is more than 42 billion rubles.

In addition in his report Stanislav Aleinik has underlined the following idea:

- If you take only the agricultural enterprises of the Belgorod region it is 8% of the Russian figures. On one person working in this sector accounts more than 2.4 million rubles of marketable products. Labor productivity in the regional farms is about 3 million rubles per employee.

Evgeny Savchenko stressed that the region must not stop on this but continue to increase production by two times more than is produced now:

 - It is necessary not only to produce, but also to learn how to sell using the latest technologies.

The regional Head positively described one of the largest holding companies new project and invited officials to find vacant land for milk production and noticed that integrated chains should be lined up with stable customers:

- We like the "EFKO" company's initiative to organized the unique production of yogurt. There were no such yogurt Russia in gustatory quality. Firstly was processes 200 tons of milk per day. Now it was announced that they are ready to take a thousand tons of milk per day. Such processing needs require the organization of production in addition to 700 tons of milk per day. To do this it is needed to have an additional 35-40 thousand heads of cattle.

The solution of this problem is being worked out by the regional development institution: “Razvitie “Corporation” JSC since 2011 it is working with Russian and foreign investors. The company's specialists are studying the priority sectors of the regional economy, looking for promising markets niche and commodity sectors of agriculture, manage a number of projects in dairy and feed clusters as well as large-scale project to build by 2020 500 hectares of greenhouses which in the long run will make up 12% of the Russian protected ground vegetables market.

NOTE: On the territory of the Belgorod region in 2014 was produced the folloving amounts of the total volume of Russian agricultural products:

- 32.6% of pork slaughter-warm, fresh, refrigerated;

- 28.9% of frozen vegetables and mushrooms;

- 28.0% of meat by-products;

- 21.4% condensed milk product;

- 19.1% of semi-finished meat (meat-containing) refrigirated;

- 18.6% of feed;

- 17.9% premixes for pigs;

- 17.0% of meat food poultry;

- 11.9% of spreads;

- 11.1% protein and vitamin supplements

- 10.8% of crude soybean oil and fractions;

- 9.7% of oils and fats, except residues refined;

- 8.9% Sunflower oil and its fractions;

- 8.5% sugar;

- 6.2% cream;

- 3.1% of the prosessed liquid milk

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