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Dairy complex for 2000 cows opened in the region

The first stage of a dairy complex "Veresk" of "Diary company "Severskiy Donets" LLC “Green dale" GC on an area of 9 hectares in Sheino village, Korocha district is launched. "Razvitie" Corporation" JSC administrate the project since 2015.

The new plant will produce up to 36 thousand tons of milk per year. Investments in the project amounts 2.3 billion rubles.
- This project strikes us with its high-tech technologies and speed of implementation, - noted  General Director of the Federal Corporation for development of small and medium enterprises Alexander Braverman at the opening ceremony. - This is the most important and fundamental for us. A year has passed since that moment that colleagues have begun to implement this project and today we have 110 tons of milk per day and 36 thousand tons of milk per year. We see the highest technologies with little or no waste. We understand that the initiators of the project would move beyond.

SME Corporation has had a project guarantee support in the amount of 1.6 billion rubles. 28.9 million rubles are granted by Belgorod guarantee fund to facilitate lending. Sites with established infrastructure provided by Belgorod region the Government also accompanied by all the necessary approvals, permits and petitions to the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture. According to the project were also provided regional budget sources for the co-financing of interest rate on the loan subsidies. In addition the project was included in the reimbursement of expenses to pay interest on investment projects and reimbursement of direct costs incurred to establish the AIC facilities.

At this stage the dairy complex includes two barns, milking parlor "Carousel" for 60 milking places, calf house with dairy kitchen, silo trenches and other facilities. The dairy byre is equipped with ventilation system, an irrigation system and a misting system that works by increasing the air temperature over 24 ° C. As a litter is used quartz sand which reduces twice the incidence of mastitis and prevents injury of extremities and cow milk production per 1 liter per day. The complex contains 1200 cows. All animals are imported from the Netherlands. In the future it is planned to grow their own animals. 30 people operate the complex utilities.

According to GC "Green Dale" Board of Directors Chairman Sergei Yudin, complex is adapted to modern Russian weather conditions:
- It is ready to operate at temperatures from - 30 ° C to + 40 ° C. We plan to receive 11 tons from a dairy cow although in the business plan we have 9.2 thousand because we have all the conditions for that: the unique bedding, climate control, tracking of each cow.
At the moment Group of companies "Green Dale" LLC share on a regional dairy products market is 6%. After the implementation of the investment project this figure will increase by more than 2 times and would be 13% also due to issuance of high-quality import-substituting products. Today the project is in the active phase of implementation. The launch of the second site is planned for August 2017, the launch of heifer complex - at the beginning of 2017.
Dairy farming is a regional priority today. The Governor of Belgorod Region Evgeniy Savchenko opening the dairy farm outlined  the short-term objectives throughout the industry:
- We set a goal to reach the production of one million tons of milk per year which is nearly three thousand tons a day. Now while we are producing about 50% of this volume but if such a rate will go, then using all financial instruments such as primarily support by the  SME Corporation we will solve this problem in the next two or three years.
Thus, the regional Government plans to carry out a federal priority to ensure food security of the country and the substitution of imported agricultural products.

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