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  • The region has set out the intensive type garden

The region has set out the intensive type garden

The project is being implemented by "Flower garden" LLC and administrated by "Razvitie "Corporation" JSC. The total investment volume amounts 850 million rubles.

Drip irrigation system intensive type garden was set out in Grayvoron district Belgorod region. It is planned that by the end of 2023 the area under the garden would reached 200 hectares while the production volume would be not less than 7 tons per year. Till that time 26 people would be already provided with jobs.
Intensive garden is considered to be a progressive innovative technology. With proper organization site economic efficiency is several times higher than in the case of using conventional technology. Modern design can significantly reduce the risk percentage. For example due to drip irrigation one can avoid loss of seedlings and crops from sudden drought. A distinctive feature of intensive type garden organization is the right choice of planting material.

 According to experts plants provide about 80% of commercial success that is why for their quality is of great importance. For the first stage of the apple orchard on the area of 50 hectares "Flower garden" LLC has purchased 54 thousand Polish seedlings that to date have the highest competitive advantage. During the year by expanding the field for planting 150 hectares it will put about 142 thousand plants. By 2023 this figure would reach 600 thousand units.
It is estimated that the first crop of five apples varieties would be received by the company in 2-3 years.
The project is aimed at horticultural products import substitution.

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